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Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine

This wondrous machine has been created by a mythical elvish aerosmith Uriah Heep to defend his homeland against the dreaded Lead Zeppelins of his arch-rival Jethro O'Tull. Armored with adamantine and empowered by the music of the spheres, this vehicle can traverse the ocean depths and the celestial heights with equal ease. Although a powerful craft, the Yellow Submarine bears no weapons, relying on the talent of its navigator to survive encounters that would threaten it.

The Submarine's interior features five richly decorated luxury passenger spaces, as well as the navigation chamber. The latter contains observation screens that provide the navigator with 360-degree vision of the area around the Submarine, the steering wheel, and, surprisingly enough, a plethora of masterwork musical instruments which can't be removed from the chamber. See the Epic Powers section for further information.

Statistics: Colossal vehicle; Profession (submarine pilot) +4; Speed fly 40 feet (good), swim 60 feet (nautical good); Overall AC -3; Section hp 69 (hardness 15/-); Section AC 3; Atk (7d4, ram); Face 120 ft by 20 ft; Crew 1; Cargo 50 tons.

Epic Powers: To access the full arsenal of Yellow Submarine's powers, the nagivator must grasp the steering wheel and sing a special command song (a full-round action which requires a Perform (song) check against a DC provided below). Up to four other characters may play the instruments (this requires a reveleant Perform check against DC 10), providing the navigator with a +2 bonus, as per aid another action. Once a character has attempted to sing a particular song, it can't be repeated again for 24 hours (regardless of whether the check was successful or not).

Smoke On The Water (Perform DC 22): This effect creates a billowing mass of bubbles (if underwater) or a thick cloud of smoke (if in the air) behind the Submarine, obscuring it from pursuers. This 40-foot-high cloud has a 50-foot radius, and is for all intents and purposes identical to a fog cloud.

Strawberry Fields Forever (Perform DC 25): The Submarine immediately becomes surrounded by sweet-smelling force field, providing it with a +10 deflection bonus to AC. The field lasts for an indefinite duration and can't be dispelled; however, a disintegrate spell will destroy it.

Highway Star (Perform DC 28): This effect doubles the Submarine's fly and swim speed for as long as the navigator remains on board. Multiple activations of this ability do not stack.

House of the Rising Sun (Perform DC 31): The navigator immediately makes a turning check as though he or she was a good-aligned cleric of a level equal to his or her character level with a +4 competence bonus on both the turning check and the turning damage roll, affecting any undead within 120 feet of the Yellow Submarine. This does not use up any turning abilities that the navigator might otherwise possess.

Stairway to Heaven (Perform DC 34): The Yellow Submarine shifts to any plane of the navigator's choice, along with any passengers and cargo that happen to be on board. While this power provides the means to reach the world beyond, it confers no special abilities to move or survive on the destination plane.

Light My Fire (Perform DC 37): The navigator chooses any point within 300 feet of the submarine. A wide (5 by 5 feet) beam of flame erupts from the Yellow Submarine and hurtles towards the chosen point, dealing 17d6 fire damage to all creatures and players caught in its path (Reflex DC 25 half). This ability can't be used underwater.

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Perform DC 40): Each friendly creature within 300 feet of the Yellow Submarine becomes immune to ability damage, blindness, critical hits, deafness, disease, drowning, poison, stunning, and all powers, spells or attacks that affect physiology or respiration. This ability lasts for 1 hour or until the navigator uses another power (whichever happens first).

Shape Of My Heart (Perform DC 43): Each hostile creature within 120 feet of the Yellow Submarine must make a Fortitude save (DC 28), or be polymorphed into an exact copy of the navigator for 8 hours. In addition, each creature that becomes polymorphed this way must make a Will Save (DC 28), or have its alignment changed to that of the navigator for 8 hours. This effect does not bestow any extraordinary, supernatural or spell-like abilities.

Show Must Go On (Perform DC 46): Each living passenger on board of the Yellow Submarine receives the benefits of a heal spell cast by a 16th level cleric. In addition, all other epic powers of the Submarine can be re-accessed again as though 24 hours have passed since their last activation.


The Submarine is forged from an allor of mithral and adamantine. It costs 240.000 gold pieces to create. Assembling the Submarine requires a successful Knowledge (engineering) check (DC 50).

The creator must be 29th level, have the Craft Epic Wondrous Items feat, and be able to cast both arcane and divine spells. Completing the ritual draing 10,000 XP from the creator and requires the epic spell animate the Submarine. This spell has a Spellcraft DC of 131, takes 48 hours to cast, and requires the assistance of five 18th level bards contributing bohemian rhapsody.

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